About Us

High Winds is a reliable and strong mail drop company dealing with mail delivery to HDB and PTE estates, Car-dropping on car-screen as well as Handout distribution at mass rapid transit stations, among others.

Having been in the industry for many years and being among the early champions of local mail drop service prior to the arrival of the internet of things, we have a wealth of skills and knowledge required to make the industry sustainable through our enriching, accurate, dependable as well as value added services.

Our competence, accuracy, and reliability have set us apart from our competitors and as a result, we have won the hearts of many prominent local companies and government ministries and agencies.

Besides helping our clients succeed in their marketing campaigns, we have also mentored and helped in the up-scaling of numerous reliable and industrious mail distributors. Those are some of the major things in which we take pride.

Despite the challenges of the widespread use of the internet services, we strongly believe that with effective strategies, both (internet and flyer distribution services) can complement each other.

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