Even with the current social media craze, physical mail drop services have stood the test of time. Even if you are a millennial and have never used the services, you have most likely seen your close older relatives receive physical letters and other documents through their letterboxes. Unfortunately, the advent of the internet of thing has seen many companies that were offering mail drop services in the past close their doors. High Winds is among the few mail-drop companies that have been left standing. We deal with the distribution of mails into letterboxes and handouts in mass rapid transit stations as well as car-dropping.



We understand that our clients have diverse needs and for that reason, High Winds have solutions tailored to address your unique business need. Whether you need to reach out to your prospective clients through mail dropping, car-dropping or handout distribution, we’ll offer you just that. This selective distribution has helped us to offer our services at pocket-friendly prices.

Our record speaks loud

Our services are not only fairly priced but are satisfactory to our clients. We do a clean job all the time. As a result, our customer base has grown tremendously over time. We are deeply humbled by our long track record of contented customers including local banks, malls, hotels, petroleum companies, government ministries and SME businesses, among others. You should join us as well and we’ll certainly help you forge ahead to the attainment of your business’ success through direct marketing.


Our wide network of operation and our professional and dedicated team not only ensures effectiveness but makes us one of the most reliable mail distribution service in Singapore.